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Papers On Social Problems & Social Research
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“Lives on the Edge: Single Mothers and their Children in the Other America” by Valerie Polakow
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This 7 page report discusses Polakow's 1993 book and the information it presents about American women and their children who live in poverty. The point Polakow makes is that it is an unrelenting struggle in which there are painfully few opportunities for escape. Until American society itself changes its beliefs and policies, women and children will continue to live a near-subsistence level of existence in the land of plenty, equality, and justice. Bibliography lists only the primary source.
Filename: BWsinmom.rtf

“Planning and conducting a sociological research study”
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An eight page paper which looks at the way in which a student can carry out a sociological research project into the topic of single working mothers, which considers how data could be collected and analysed and the way in which conclusions can be extrapolated from the information collated. Bibliography lists 6 sources
Filename: JLsocres.wps

“Prince of Tides” and General Systems Theory
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An 8 page paper which examines various characters and relationships from the film “Prince of Tides” and discusses how they relate to different aspects of general systems theory. Bibliography lists 5 sources.
Filename: RAtides. rtf

“Research experiment on gender-differentiated dyads”
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A five page paper which looks at the way in which a research study can be set up to assess the importance of gender in power distribution, the types of properties and symbols which need to be defined, and the broader applications which such studies can have in various sociological fields.
Filename: JLdyad.rtf

“The California Cauldron”: A Review of the Problems Relating to Immigration Which are Facing California
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A 4 page review of William A. Clark’s “The California Cauldron”, a book which explores the impacts of recent immigration on California. Clark explores the changes in laws and other factors which have led California to become one of the most demographically evolving regions in the United States. While many of the changes which have been incurred by the state as a whole, there are adverse impacts to this high level of immigration. Californian immigration has, in fact, both social and spatial consequences. Clark investigates these impacts and asserts that if the current immigration patterns are maintained not only the state but also the nation could suffer dire consequences. No additional sources are listed.
Filename: PPimgrCa.rtf

“The social problem of gang culture as addressed by Malcolm Klein”
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A seven page paper which looks at the phenomenon of gang culture and the way in which the sociologist Malcolm Klein assesses the causes, definitions and solutions to the problem of increasing numbers of gangs in urban areas. Bibliography lists 1 source
Filename: JLgangsklein.wps

“There Are No Children Here”: Sociological Tactics for Intervention in the “Other America”?
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A 5 page discussion of the factors causing the extreme poverty and hardship illustrated in this book by Alex Kotliwitz. Far from fictional the gangs, violence, and drugs depicted in this book are very real and to overcome them we have to somehow dissolve the social stratification which has separated mainstream America from the “other America” throughout our history. Bibliography lists 2 sources.
Filename: PPnoChld.rtf

“Three Strikes”: A Review of the Early History of Labor Unrest
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A 5 page analysis of the circumstances and meanings presented in the book by Howard Zinn, Dana Frank, and Robin Kelley. Broken into three major sections, each authored by either Zinn, Frank, or Kelley, this book details the bloody Colorado Coal Strike of 1913-1914, the Detroit Woolworth's Strike of 1937, and the New York Musicians Strike of 1936-1937. Although only the Detroit Woolworth Strike was won, these labor strikes will forever memorialize internal labor movement relations of the early half of the twentieth century. The author of this paper contends that the progress made in these strikes are directly applicable to the contemporary working environment as well. No additional sources are listed.
Filename: PPstrike.rtf

“Wake Up America: A National Sleep Alert”
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A 5 page reaction paper to the report “Wake Up America: A National Sleep Alert” by the National Commission on Sleep Disorders Research. Bibliography lists 4 additional sources.
Filename: RAsleep9.rtf

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