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Papers On Human Services, Social Work & Family Issues
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Are Egalitarian Marriages Possible Today ?
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6 page discussion of whether or not egalitarian marriages are truly possible in our contemporary society. Drawing upon research, the author presents both sides of the argument and concludes that they are indeed very possible. Bibliography lists 6 sources.
Filename: Egalmarr.wps

Are Gangs Created by a Need for Affiliation?
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A 7 page paper which examines if gangs are created because of affiliation and belonging. Bibliography lists 4 sources.
Filename: RAgangs.rtf

Are Immigrants the Scapegoats for our National Problems?
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A 9 page paper evaluating the attitudes that many of our social and economic ills are caused by immigration. Immigrants are accused of inundating the labor market with low-wage, low-skilled labor, further depressing wages. One author applies the term 'welfare magnet,' stopping just short of saying that immigrants are leaving their native countries and everything familiar for the primary purpose of ensconcing themselves on U.S. welfare roles. Bibliography lists 8+ sources.
Filename: Scapgoat.wps

Article Critique/Dating Study
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A 3 page article critique that addresses research performed by Smith, White and Holland, "A Longitudinal Perspective on Dating Violence Among Adolescent and College Age Women," which is significant research because of its implications for social work and designing more efficient interventions to address this problem. The study results show that there is a significant statistical connection between being assaulted as an adolescent in a dating relationship and the risk of victimization in the college-years. No additional sources cited.
Filename: khacdv.rtf

Assessment (Case Study of a Homeless Man)
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This 9 page paper provides an assessment of a 51 year old homeless man who has been a drug addict from an early age. Although no names are used to protect the identity of the client, this evaluation is based on an actual case study submitted by a student. No bibliography.
Filename: SA344hom.rtf

Assessments of Research Article
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This 13 page paper provides an overview of different research articles, and considers factors like validity, the use of a methodology, and the impacts of the outcome of the data. Bibliography lists 6 sources.
Filename: MHArtRe4.rtf

Assimiliation Into The U.S. / The Plight Of Minority Groups
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8 pages in length. The immigration and assimilation of Asians, Latinos, and African Americans has a history of controversy. Each group has been the subject of harrassment and exteme prejudice. One of the most blatant forms of harassment was the internment of Japanese during World War II. Unlide Latinos and Asians, Africans did not come to the country voluntarily. Their forced immigration reflects an era in this country's history that it may never really recover from. Different aspects of each group are discussed. Extensive Bibliography.
Filename: Assimi.doc

Asylum Seeking Children in the United Kingdom; Treatment and Provision;
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This 10 page paper looks at issues concerned with children refugees in the United kingdom. The paper starts with consideration to the legislation that applies to then as well as general background information. The paper then goes on to examine the role and duties of the local authorities and the way in which they are carried out. The paper concludes wit a summary of the reason why this issue requires further study. The bibliography cites 10 sources.
Filename: TEasylum.wps

Attachment Theory And Social Workers: Assessing Quality Of Care Received By Children
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8 pages in length. The lack of love, attention and guidance children receive during childhood has a direct correlation with unattached disorders and attachment theory, concepts that highlight "the lifelong requirement for close affectional bonds with others" (Sable, 1995, p. 334). Social workers utilize attachment theory as a means by which to assess quality of care children receive, looking closely for a number of variables that may lead to creating an unattached child such as abuse, neglect and inadequate parenting skills. Bibliography lists 12 sources.
Filename: TLCattach.rtf

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