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Papers On Counseling & Therapies
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Bioterrorism: Effects Upon Emergency Medical Service Personnel
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6 pages in length. The Emergency Medical Service (EMS), which is comprised of Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs), firefighters and other rescue personnel, devote their lives to helping others in times of crises. Theirs is a dedication that goes above and beyond the human call of duty, however, they do not think twice about the potential sacrifices to their own lives. Still, even the most physically and emotionally steadfast EMS workers are prone to succumb to the images of death and destruction they see over and over again; the recently resurrected issue of bioterrorism reflects one of these times. Bibliography lists 3 sources.
Filename: TLCbiotr.rtf

Breast Cancer: Making A Difference
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5 pages in length. The student will find that opportunities to educate oneself about the issues surrounding breast cancer are readily available via myriad formats, including books, periodicals, organizational pamphlets and reputable sites upon the Internet. Since the student had personal experience tending to a relative during her battle with breast cancer, a logical progression for this paper would be to learn about the counseling aspects available to help others through the same ordeal. Bibliography lists 7 sources.
Filename: TLCBrCan.rtf

Career Choices and the “16PF” (Sixteen Personality Factor Assessment): Applications in Counseling
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A 6 page overview of the applicability of this personality assessment test in deciding whether to pursue employment in the counseling occupation. This paper reviews the test results for one fictional individual factor by factor to emphasize that the combination of the factors do indeed suggest compatibility with counseling. Bibliography lists 7 sources.
Filename: PPcounsl.rtf

Career Counseling from a Christian Perspective
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7 pages in length. In great detail, the writer discusses problems that Christians are apt to find with the concept of career counseling and posits a methodology designed to help them appreciate it based upon the existing literature. It is asserted that a well-rounded Christian philosophy in career guidance counseling should help people discern their vocations and encourage the Christian use of their skills, Bibliography lists approximately 12 sources.
Filename: Careerco.wps

Career Guidance Counseling
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A 13 page comprehensive, analytical paper examining theories of career guidance counseling. The writer then goes on to create one based strictly upon the existing literature. Included are a theoretical history, discussion of major theorists, and various case examples. Bibliography lists 10 sources.
Filename: Careergu.wsp

Case Study & Calgary Family Intervention Model
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A 3 page research paper that uses a brief case scenario in order to discuss the details of the Calgary Family Intervention Model and the Calgary Family Assessment Model. Bibliography lists 4 sources.
Filename: khcfim.rtf

Case Study Analysis
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This 15 page paper examines a case study submitted by a student. The paper highlights the study while delving into assessment factors. How a counselor or social worker would diagnose and examine this client is at the crux of the evaluation. Bibliography lists 15 sources.
Filename: SA448AA.rtf

Characteristics of Effective Counselors
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A 12 page research paper that examines the field of counseling and focuses on the personal characteristic, on the part of the counselor, that contribute to counseling effectiveness. This examination concludes that stamina, flexibility and cultivating openness to cultural and gender diversity are key values required by effective counselors. Bibliography lists 15 sources.
Filename: khchacon.rtf

Clinical Supervision Of Substance Abuse Counselors
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This 9 page paper discusses the challenges of supervising substance abuse counselors. There is very little literature that addresses this type of supervision but it is known that there are at least three supervision issues in substance abuse counseling that are idiosyncratic to this particular type of counseling. These are identified and discussed. The roles of the supervisor are also identified. The writer then presents a scenario wherein a counselor comes to the supervisor with a problem. The writer then discusses the steps the supervisor will take in this scenario. Bibliography lists 6 sources.
Filename: PGclsp.rtf

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